For every time I think that Dunder Mifflin might not be a bad place to work, there's another, like this one at Gabe's Glee party that makes me cover my eyes and count my blessings.

This season we've seen Michael out of his element a lot, dealing with different levels of power and, of course, his crushing loneliness. The moment in this scene with the boil-in-bag veggies is classic, depressed, depressing Michael. It's these peeks into Michael's home life that I always hunger for, and then hit like a ton of bricks when you feel the sadness of them. In this episode, Michael and Andy are fellow travelers in seeing the opulence enjoyed by Gabe and feeling mad jealous because of it. Also, the fact that a homemade pizza party while watching Glee is something I myself would do is really hurting my self-esteem right now. Mustn't be like Gabe. Mustn't be like Gabe.

[There was a video here]