The Facebook-Google showdown isn't limited to your personal data. Facebook has been poaching talent from Google, and Google is fighting back with big bonuses for sticking around. One senior engineer was offered $3.5 million in stock not to jump ship.

According to TechCrunch, the Googler took the offer and turned down Facebook, since $3.5 million can buy any number of cool hoodies on eBay. $3.5 million! Did this guy invent some magic beam that automatically sucks up people's personal information or something? (Oh, wait. Google already did that.)

Meanwhile Google has been doling out cash bonuses to employees in the hopes of keeping them happy. Perhaps Googlers can now hire their own servants, since Google fired the company-wide ones.

Nice going, Google, but the game's up. The best job in Silicon Valley is no longer working at Google or Facebook—it's working at Google after being offered a job at Facebook.

[Image of Google CEO Eric Schmidt via Getty, Image of money bag via Shutterstock]