Boy howdy, Google has done it now! The company's special Veterans Day logo this year, you see, features a mysterious crescent shape. And you know who loves crescent shapes? The Muslims. Yeah, some people are actually upset about this.

As you can see, Google's American flag graphic covers the top part of the "e" in "Google," leaving a little crescent shape exposed underneath. A lot of people would see this and proceed to not give a shit. But then there's Twitter, the blue idiot-typing website:

William Browning of Associated Content — owned by Yahoo! Hmm! — has written what we believe is a non-satirical article about this great controversy, and has some harsh words for those wiseass Allah-coddling Osamas running the show at Google:

In a civilized society we need to show respect. We show respect by opening the door for the elderly. We show respect by thanking a solider for fighting for us. We show respect by saluting the flag when in uniform. We show respect by not desecrating someone's sacred symbol.

Hear that, Alta Vista? Bing? "Excite"? Learn from Google's fatal error: no red "e" tails near American flags on your search engine holiday logos. Don't like that rule? Tough. Move to outer space or something.

[via the Daily What]