Philip Greaves gained instant notoriety on Wednesday when his book The Pedophile's Guide to Love & Pleasure became a sudden, bizarre bestseller. But The Pedophile's Guide isn't the only book Greaves has written.

The Pedophile's Guide spent most of Wednesday as the subject of a Twitter and email campaign to get the book banned from Amazon, probably because it has the most obviously reprehensible title of Greaves' books. The public pressure appears to have worked: Amazon decided to halt sales of the book late last night.

But it isn't the only one of Greaves' books to defend pedophilia. Our Gardens of Flesh: From the Seeds of Lust Springs the Harvest of Love isn't as viscerally gross a title as The Pedophile's Guide. But, as you can read for yourself—or purchase since Amazon has not pulled the book just yet—the book is no less chilling.

Our Gardens of Flesh is Greaves' study of "sex and sexually from its primodial origins through its historical colorations to its ultimate expression as man's extential celebration of life and developement as the supreme expression friendship and love." (All of that sic.)

Needless to say, it's deeply unsettling: Besides an extended defense of pedophilia, he includes a long account of one adolescent boy's sexual encounter with an adult ice-cream man. (It also features impassioned paeans to masturbation, which he calls a "soul-enriching experience.") The whole book functions as a kind of manifesto, a theory of sexuality and a creepy declaration of principles.

But should it be banned from Amazon? Why bother? Greaves' books aren't dangerous. They're gross, and upsetting, but they won't incite anyone to rape and abuse. But you don't have to take our word for it—you can read for yourself right here.

[Note: The book describes very graphic sexual acts. You may find that deeply unsettling. Consider yourself warned.]