In a new study from the Center for Important & Definitive Studies, it was found that self-identifying Republicans' number three favorite show is ABC's wholesome (and kinda gay!) Modern Family. The Democrats voted murderpalooza Dexter as their third favorite.

Which clearly isn't an incidental silly thing at all, but says deep and telling things about political parties. I mean, look at the Repubs' (tied) number four show: V. That one's about lizard people invading the US and using hopey changey messages to ingratiate themselves to hope- and change-seeking people. REMIND YOU OF ANYONE? Maybe another secret lizard person currently occupying a very high governmental seat? Hmmm.

The Hollywood Reporter tries to make the study a whole thing about how Republicans are the ones watching the popular shows, so maybe the Republicans are the ones that make shows popular. I don't know if I really buy that. Or it at least makes me come up with a thesis explaining why Democrats favor relatively little-seen shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, a thesis I don't feel comfortable making because it's MEAN. (Hint: It has to do with Republicans being dumb! Or dumb people being Republicans. Though Democrats showing a particular affinity for Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami sort of poops all over that theory.)

So basically what I'm saying is make of this truly groundbreaking study what you will. Maybe it says a lot about us. Maybe it says very little. Maybe all it says is that, despite everything, Americans just really like to watch TV.