Under a law signed by President Obama last June, all cigarette packs sold in the U.S. must have anti-smoking messages covering 50% of the front of the package starting next year. Here's what the FDA is proposing.

The FDA has come up with 36 potential images that it's asking for public comment on; it'll narrow them down and roll them out sometime late next year or early 2012. We've got to say, there are no design breakthroughs here. It's a familiar cast of characters—crying, smoke-addled babies; that guy with the hole in his throat; people with grizzled, ruined mouths; and dead guys—and basic "smoking is very bad" messaging. Given the energetic marketing that's usually characterized anti-drug and anti-smoking campaigns, we were kind of hoping for something cool. There some effective cartoons, though.

Anyway, get used to these, because they've also got to be displayed on all cigarette advertisements. And quit smoking! It's incredibly satisfying, but also very stupid.