A new report by the EU's drug agency places Britain on top of the world's cocaine consuming nations, with more young Britons having used cocaine than Americans in the same age group. There's also been an increase in crack smoking.

It used to be a given that Americans were the world's greatest cokeheads, but no more! This new study — the results of which were made public today — claims that 6.2% of Britons between the ages of 15 and 34 had used cocaine in the last year, compared to 4.2% of Americans in the same age range. For six of the last seven years, the UK has been at or near the top of the European cocaine "league table" along with Spain, which serves as a major hub for Europe-bound coke.

The Guardian spoke with the head of the EU's drug agency, who offers some insight on who is sniffing coke and what too much of it can do to you:

Too many Europeans still regard cocaine use as a relatively harmless accompaniment to a successful lifestyle, " said Wolfgang Götz, director of the European drug agency. "But we are progressively seeing that, as cocaine consumption grows, so too does its impact on public health. Not only can use of this drug escalate quickly, but it can also result in fatalities, even when intake is occasional and doses are low."

So an increase in drug abuse is bad for a country and its people. Who knew? The report also warns that crack is being smoked at alarming levels in parts of London. Oh, and people are still getting high on meow meow! Damn, what a bunch of degenerates over there.

Also, when do we get a cocaine league over here? If ever challenged, the USA would definitely win the World Series of Cocaine.