The Carnival Splendor, a cruise ship bound for the Mexican Riviera, has been drifting off the coast of Mexico since a fire disabled engine operating systems. But it's not the first time the ship's run into trouble.

The Splendor sounds like one of the worst places on the planet to be right now—The New York Times reports that "food supplies are running low and the ship's flush toilets have not been working properly," which, euughghh—but it should be towed back to San Diego by Thursday.

Or will it? [Cue spooky music.]

The Carnival Splendor has been having a lot of trouble lately, if these passenger-filmed YouTube videos are any indication. This one, ostensibly from the Splendor, depicts a search for a man overboard that apparently took place just a few weeks ago, on October 12. "I don't know what to say about this," writes the video's uploader, "except a man jumped to his death."

And two weeks ago, on October 31, a crew member seems to have required an airlift after becoming ill. According to the video information: "A crew member became ill and was air lifted to a hospital by the US Cost Guard, off the coast of San Diego, CA. Conditions: Night, cold strong winds."

So, what's up with the Splendor? Though cruise lines obviously have no desire to publicize airlift or man overboard statistics, by all indications they're uncommon occurrences. How much bad luck does it take to have a death, a serious illness, and an engine fire in the span of a month? Did some tourist bring an ancient Indian burial ground on board as a souvenir, or what?

[NYT; image via Getty]