Here's a new trailer for Tron: Legacy, Disney's noise-and-light farquel (faraway sequel?) to their 1980s adventure about a hacker who gets stuck inside a computer system of his own making. A million years later, his son goes looking for him.

This isn't by any stretch the first trailer we've seen for this much-hyped movie, but it's definitely the most telling in terms of story. Most importantly it gives us a little recap, much needed considering the movie's chief target demographic is probably too young to remember the original. Basically the son (the dreamy Milkbone named Garret Hedlund) goes to find his long-lost dad inside the ENCOM system and he winds up eye-humping with a computer girl played by Olivia Wilde. Then there are motorbike chases and a few games of Death Frisbee and lots of Inception-esque booming "bwaaammmmmmmmmp" musical notes. It looks sleek and sexy!

Except for the most obvious thing in the trailer, Jeff Bridge's younged-up face in the flashback scenes. Holy Benjibuttons is that thing creepy. But that's OK, it kind of plays into the whole warped reality-ness of the endeavor. Plus, who really cares about old Jeff Bridges's (or old Bruce Boxleitner's!!) face anyway? We're just here for tight-suited youngsters riding souped-up Ninjas and making love. (Well, implicitly making love, this is Disney after all.) And while it's nice to see a few new story bits here, no one really cares about the story either. Just give us the visuals and the bwammmppss and we're computer-putty in your hands, Dis.