Billionaire sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein couldn't just slink away into obscenely wealthy obscurity on his private Caribbean island after pleading guilty to paying high school girls to tug on his egg-shaped penis. No, he started a blog. About science.

Act One of Jeffrey Epstein's life consisted of amassing untold wealth via his hedge fund, developing close relationships with some of the most powerful people on the planet, and cultivating a puzzling air of mystery. Act Two consisted of a 13 month stint in a Palm Beach jail for the aforementioned penis-tugging. Now for Act Three he seems to be fashioning himself some sort of international ambassador for science, launching "Jeffrey Epstein's Profiles in Science," an oddly imperious web site featuring Epstein interviewing scientists and offering his odd and ill-formed thoughts on various scientific disciplines.

The site purports to be Epstein's, but it reads like it was written by his butler. There's "An Understanding Of Theoretical Physics From Jeffrey Epstein," and "The Value of Quantum Computing to Jeffrey Epstein." There's a Q-and-A Epstein conducted with visual thinking expert Al Seckel. And there's plenty of pictures from gatherings of scientists that Epstein has hosted on his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here he is with former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, for instance. There are also shots of Stephen Hawking hanging out on Epstein's dime.

Epstein has devoted much of his considerable philanthropic resources to underwriting research, so it looks like the scientific community is less touchy about hanging around with a sex offender than the political community, which promptly returned any and all donations from Epstein en masse after his troubles with underage girls started.

The site seems to have started up just last month, but two important details are already out of date. Epstein's bio claims that he is "a Member of the Trilateral Commission [and] the Council on Foreign Relations," but his name doesn't appear on either organization's member rosters [pdf], probably because they don't let convicted sex offenders join.

Jeffrey Epstein Fun Fact: In 2008, his charitable foundation gave $10,000 to "Little Flower Children's Services," which is totally not what he initially hoped it was.