Hugo Lindgren, the new editor of the New York Times Magazine, spent a decade working under New York magazine editor Adam Moss before getting his big break. It makes sense, then, that Lindgren's great ambition is to crush Adam Moss.

John Koblin today gets both men to open up about the ways in which their long relationship was less than harmonious. Despite Lindgren's reputation as Moss' loyal consiglieri, and Moss' gushing tribute to him when he left New York for Businessweek last year, Lindgren appears to be savoring his newfound opportunity to show his former boss that he's all grown up, and ready to be the King of New York Magazines his damn self. He calls it a "healthy rivalry." You could also call it "the smoldering hatred of two very smart men locked in a room for ten years, one forced to call the other 'boss.'"

"I guess I grew older and more experienced and I had a lot of other ideas myself that I thought were as good as his ideas, or whatever," said Lindgren.

When you factor in the heavy dose of diplomacy that always coats editors' quotes in pieces like this, it's clear that these two are really tired of each other. New magazine feud, coming soon!