Iranian police have arrested members of "underground rap groups" in Tehran after "young boys and girls" were found to be recording rap music and making videos in vacant homes. The rappers were also drinking liquor.

Iran! They say they hate us, but they do all the same things we do—like, for example, arrest rappers. The police confiscated "western style music instruments," liquor, and videos; apparently, they've identified "a girl and several other of the young rappers" from the confiscated material and are searching for them. According to CNN:

"These groups use the most trashy, juvenile and street-like words and phrases that have no place in proper grammar," the police chief told ILNA. "More importantly, they have no regard for the law, principles, proper behavior and language."

Despite the seriousness of street-like words, "rap and rock music" in Iran is "not a serious crime," and breaking the laws forbidding it "can lead to flogging or a night in jail." (Not to mention "accusations of Satan worship," which is par for the course in the U.S., at least.)