We're in the midst of a higher education bubble: expensive degrees of questionable value are nonetheless pursued by a limitless hordes of aspirants. What a hustle. You're so happy to get in, you don't care that your class is online.

It used to be that "online schools" were just for the unfortunate types who were left behind by "the system" of schools that were real. But now—check it out—the NYT points out that real universities have figured out that they can make you take online classes at the real university, that you paid a huge financial premium for! It's happening at schools across America! What are you gonna do, go somewhere else?

The University of Florida broadcasts and archives Dr. Rush's lectures less for the convenience of sleepy students like Mr. Patel than for a simple principle of economics: 1,500 undergraduates are enrolled and no lecture hall could possibly hold them.

Haha, yes, everyone is welcome to attend in person, of course, as long as you're willing to stand outdoors, or across the street. And when you're one of the 10% or less of the thousands of applicants "lucky" enough to get into this "elite" school, the last thing you're gonna do is drop out just because you can take your boring classes without rolling out of bed, which, let's face it, is awesome, from a getting-high-during-class standpoint.

The Academy!

[Photo: Steven DuBois]