The sale of Four Loko — the caffeinated booze of choice for totally awesome college dudes — has been banned in Michigan, and stores have 30 days to remove it from shelves. You can still purchase across state lines, though!

Old people are all worked up about Four Loko after a bunch of college kids were hospitalized for partying a little too hard with The Loko. The drink is 12 percent alcohol with a shitload of caffeine, and that alone should be enough to make you want to vomit. The decision was made on Wednesday by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. But liquor store owners aren't too worried, because they know a new drink will pop up soon enough, or kids will mix their own concoctions. Michael Mansour, owner of Spartan Spirits near the Michigan State University campus told The State News:

If they can't get it prepackaged in one unit, then they'll buy it separately and mix it themselves. They're going to do it, whether they package it that way or not.

In this market, we are always changing and staying on top of what our students' appeal is. We are constantly staying up on what's the latest, greatest newest product, so something will come out."

We can't wait to see what the hot new power booze of 2011 will be. We just hope it's as EXTREME as Four Loko, bro.

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