According to police in Surprise, Arizona, a 12-year-old boy threatened to stab his mother on Halloween after she refused to let him trick-or-treat in a "gay Justin Bieber" costume.

Who knows what, exactly, a "gay Justin Bieber" costume would entail, or why a 12-year-old would want to trick-or-treat in one, or, for that matter, why such a 12-year-old would pull a knife on his mom. Or, even, why this town is named "Surprise," and, more generally, what the fuck is wrong with Arizona.

The mother, though, seems like a cool customer: Not only did she bar the costume for being "disrespectful" (to gays, one imagines, though perhaps to Bieber), she "disarmed her son without injury and called the police" when he brought out the weapon. He's been arrested.

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