Michael makes his Godfather pitch to Jim and Pam, and surprise! They've already picked a couple. Either Michael is mellowing out, or Pam is getting way better at keeping him under control. Check out the scene.

[There was a video here]

This season has shown us a more reserved Michael, allowing for a graceful and most likely happy for Steve Carell in the Spring. If this were the British Office, I'm sure there'd be some depressing fall from grace with a final caveat that makes it briefly uplifting. Luckily, we're tasked with an American sitcom here, and those just can't be in any way sad, which may sound like a criticism but in this case has been what's allowed us to love Michael Scott more than David Brent. Yes, he's thoughtless, but you see that his motives are pure. It's what's allowed this show to go on for 4 seasons more, and I'm excited for the end.