It is time to hear the latest tale of media relations mastery by Ronn [sic] Torossian, incompetent superflack CEO of sock-puppet specialist firm 5WPR. Ronn Torossian's business strategy is to send angry emails to everyone, about everything, damn the consequences.

Former Valleywag editor and current VentureBeat executive editor Owen Thomas got a pitch recently from 5WPR, about a startup company. It was a decent pitch! Owen forwarded it to one of his writers. Instead of letting the story take its course, 5WPR's flack then sent VentureBeat "a string of a half-dozen frantic emails." When they weren't answered quickly enough, the PR person called Owen, on his cell phone, while he was in the middle of hosting a conference.

Owen tweeted snidely about this "PRfail," as is his wont. He was also moved to wonder why this startup had chosen a PR firm with such a poor reputation. Ronn then sent the following email:

From: Ronn Torossian
Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 3:52 PM
Subject: 5WPR CEO
To: [Owen Thomas]

Have we spoken before ? Have you dealt in some negative way with our staff ? Am completely unaware what would make you speak poorly of my firm – 1 of the 15 largest private PR firms in the US, consistently winning awards and growing constantly.

You are aware of course its slanderous to discuss your incorrect perceptions of our agency with companies who pay us, right ?

I'd check with my attorneys about contacting people with incorrect information that could negatively impact us financially. I take your message very seriously.

Ronn Torossian

Ronn D. Torossian
President & CEO
5W Public Relations

Threatening to sue the editor of a publication that you are simultaneously trying to get to write about your clients is just the latest example of 5WPR's outside-the-box thinking. But Ronn: why sue if it's all true?

[We hear the client in question here has decided he's had enough of 5WPR, also.]