In your salacious Thursday media column: Olivier Zahm is a sexual prophet, the massive corporate media monsters flourish, ladies leave the New York Observer, and "The Way We Live Now" belongs to us!

  • Licentiousness is the order of the day, as Spencer Morgan profiles sex-positive Purple Magazine proprietor Olivier Zahm for the NYT. Olivier is just doing his thing: globetrotting, hanging out with rich downtown fashion scenesters, publishing an absurdly expensive magazine, and fuckin'. "Everyone is scared of having a free sexual life and what they do is go on the Internet and masturbate," he says. "This is the pure sexual misery today. They don't even go to the movie theater like in the '70s." He has a point. Also, a damn good hustle.
  • The faceless gargantuan corporations that control all media are doing well! Time Warner's revenue was up 2% in the third quarter, and News Corp's was up more than 3%. Continue consuming your news and entertainment from the usual channels and outlets, Americans. All is well.
  • Irina Aleksander, the last female staff reporter for the New York Observer, is leaving the paper. According to Choire Sicha, "nine out of nine of the latest Observer departures were women or gay men." Why are women and gays discriminating against Jared Kushner?
  • Hugo Lindgren, the incoming editor of the New York Times Magazine, has plans to make some changes there. The biggest blockbuster: "We'll be revisiting this concept [of 'The Way We Live Now.' I wouldn't be surprised to see the front of the book called something else." Yea, we took that shit! Success!

[Photo via Olivier Zahm]