Kanye West confirms that a picture of his giant penis is real. Courtney Love is obsessed with her Wikipedia page. Lil' Wayne gets out of prison. Thursday gossip proudly lets it all hang out.

Kanye West admits that is totally his penis in the censored picture at right. (NSFW here. It surfaced last week.) His only regret: Having a dick so big, he couldn't fit the whole thing in the frame. Asked about the image during a radio interview, Kanye said, "Have you heard the first line of Runaway? [Ed: "She find pictures in my email / I sent this girl a picture of my, hey!"] I only rap reality! You can't imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off." [RollingStone, NSFW BlackBook,images via Getty and MediaTakeOut.com]

  • How Brangelina will celebrate Thanksgiving: "We'll whip up a turkey somewhere." Stars, they're just like us: They procrastinate holiday planning until the last minute. [Us]
  • Demi Lovato's family is pissed at her estranged father for giving interviews about Demi's trip to rehab. He talked shit on Disney, which threw her lawyer into high gear: "No one speaks for Demi except for her designated representatives." [P6]
  • Meanwhile, more rumors about the catfight that preceded Demi's trip to rehab: It was "one-sided," "short," and "physical." Demi had been out partying the night before, says People's anonymous source (who I'd bet my bottom dollar is from Team Jonas Brothers, because the article goes out of its way to say Demi's altercation and collapse had nothing to do with them, even though everyone else thinks being forced to tour with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend was part of it), and when her tour manager confronted her, she lashed out at the person she thought told on her. [People, E!]
  • Courtney Love is obsessed with editing her Wikipedia page. She went to a party and bitched, "I just want what awards I got… who I [bleeped] — on the record — or who said nice things about [bleeping] me. And how many hits I've had. And that's it." Unfortunately, to edit a Wikipedia page, you have to type coherently and use spellcheck, so she'll never get past that first step. [P6]
  • Lil' Wayne is free! Released from Rikers Island after eight months of imprisonment, he will now party his face off. The president of his record label already reserved the strippers: "It should be a lot of beautiful women, just... beautiful scenery. Just treat him like a king, like the royalty he is." Welcome back, cash cow. [Us, CBS]
  • Blake Lively ate a meal with Leonardo DiCaprio. They are either madly in love or Blake is being considered for the Daisy Buchanan role opposite him in The Great Gatsby. [LaineyGossip, Us]
  • Justin Long was in a car accident and suffered a mild concussion. "He's completely fine now." [People]
  • Jersey Shore porcupine Pauly D met Britney Spears, then tweeted "life is complete." Britney responded by giving him a Cooler Ranch Cheeto Krispie Nugget-o. It was the same color as his skin. [P6]
  • A bunch of Taco Bell employees were really excited to meet and photograph Jon Gosselin when he was there to pick up a taco. His girlfriend filed a formal complaint demanding Jon's only remaining fans be "terminated immediately." [Radar]
  • Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin "ruined" Halloween by yelling "You're embarrassing me!" at one of her kids. Oh, how the tables will turn when those kids hit their teen years. [Celebitchy]
  • Charlie Sheen porn star lover Capri Anderson: "I've lost touch with God." He hasn't placed an order with her madam in months. [Radar]
  • Naomi Campbell's former agent says Naomi lied under oath during a legal battle with a fragrance company that employed her. Naomi says the agent is lying, and added that she will throw a whole goddamn telephone booth at anyone who repeats this rumor. [P6]