South Carolina Democratic mystery candidate Alvin Greene, despite not really campaigning, fundraising, hiring a staff, or explaining who he is, still got 360,000 votes for Senate last night. How does this compare with candidates nationwide who gave a shit?

Wonkette put this helpful list together a few hours ago, and Greene's probably added a few thousand more since:

Senator Harry Reid: 361,655
Senator-elect Mike Lee: 360,050
Alvin Greene: 358,069
Sharron Angle: 320,996
Senator Mike Crapo: 318,468
Senator-elect Joe Manchin: 281,661
Senator Blanche Lincoln: 280,167
Senator John Thune 227,903
Senator Daniel Inouye: 276,867
Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte: 265,967
Senator-elect John Hoeven: 181,409
Senator-elect Chris Coons: 173,900
Senator Patrick Leahy: 145,486
Senator Lisa Murkowski (Total Write-In): 81,876
Joe Miller: 68,288

Look at all of these people heading to Washington with dinky little votes counts, while Alvin Greene stays home with his dad. Racists.

If you want to see how hard Alvin Greene was campaigning in the last days, read this depressing New York Times piece about how he went to the fair and just sat around playing with things and ignoring people.

Only a handful of people approached him, and only one in this heavily Republican region - Brittany Hammonds, 21, a single mother from Aiken - told a reporter she would vote for Mr. Greene, explaining that "this recession is so hard."

But Mr. Greene did not talk to her. He was blowing on a plastic trumpet he had won, immersed in the kaleidoscopic whirl.

[Image via AP]