Here's a trailer for Gulliver's Travels, the 3D (ugh) comedy starring Jack Black as a modern-day Gulliver who mixes it up with the Lilliputians. This certainly doesn't appear to be Swiftian satire, though. Mostly it's just fat jokes.

Look, I know that money is fun and nice to have and that you can purchase exciting goods and services with it, but doing things that you can be proud of is also a pretty good thing, sometimes a better thing than money even! So it is sort of sad that Jack Black is doing this movie instead of making another great movie like School of Rock or whatever. Remember how funny he was in High Fidelity? Sigh. I mean, why do there have to be iPhone jokes in Gulliver's Travels? That doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Money is good.

Uh, what else. Amanda Peet! She's always fun. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt? Why not. Old-timey steampunk Iron Man outfit? Definitely not. Definitely, definitely not. Especially when paired with a wedgie joke. How's the weather there in 1994, guys?