Google may have sent as many as 700,000 people to the wrong polling places on Tuesday thanks to a bunch of errors in their "Election Center" apps, which are supposed to tell people where they can vote. Whoops!

According to Aristotle, a competing internet voting-place-finding-type company, Google's ability to find polling locations for people isn't nearly as advanced as its ability to take photographs of your home and put them on the internet. Aristotle examined their service and found a lot of errors:

Aristotle premised its prediction on a series of simulations: The company selected about 1,000 households in targeted states, compared their polling place data against Google's app and derived an error rate it later used to predict the number of area households possibly affected by the mishap.

They think "700,000 households in a collection of 12 battleground states" could possibly have been affected by the glitch. Google, for its part, says errors can be submitted and it's working on the problem. Maybe they can drive people to the polls in those creepy robot cars!