A group of Brooklyn teens this summer took to the streets of Bed-Stuy to count billboards and posters that promote alcohol in their neighborhood. The most frequently spotted ad? "A Spike Lee Collaboration" with Absolut Vodka. How shocking!

The group of 10 teens, from the Children's Aid Society, walked the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant looking for the biggest alcohol advertisements and Brooklyn hero Spike Lee's signature booze, Absolut Brooklyn, unsurprisingly showed up the most. "You're not supposed to be promoting stuff like that in areas that can barely afford food," one of the kids said to the Daily News. Good point. But it's also not at all shocking that Spike Lee likes money, likes to make money off Brooklyn, and will shill for companies that give him money. Come on kids, Lee probably didn't realize that vodka with his name on it, along with a cartoon brownstone and the name "BROOKLYN" on the bottle, would be promoted so heavily in Brooklyn.

Lee hung up on a Daily News reporter who reached the director on his cellphone and a spokesman for Absolut had no comment. Oh well. Spike Lee is also one of America's most annoying sports fans and has made a string of bad movies, but he did make Do the Right Thing, so let's cut him some slack!


[Image via Getty]