Austria's "incest monster" Josef Fritzl—who used his daughter as a baby-bearing dungeon sex slave for 24 years—just gave his first jailhouse interview: "I hate hairdressers more than dentists." And: "My favorite show is Two and a Half Men."

From Bild's German-language interview with "das inzest monster":

My favorite show is Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen. The little boy who plays along because he reminds me of my son. It relaxes me, I need to laugh. Because it destroys the soul, if you are always sad.

For the love of Charlie Sheen is the telltale sign of a sexual psychopath. Fritzl was arrested in 2008, and his televised trial was an international horror show in early 2009. [Bild, image of Fritzl via AP]