In your ascendant Monday media column: Bon Appetit finally names its new editor, the NYT public editor walks a fine line, Piers Morgan gets a producer, and Fox Business Network makes itself useful.

  • WWD says that Bon Appetit's next editor will probably be Adam Rapoport (pictured), currently style editor at GQ. [UPDATE: It's official, the press release went out as we were writing this. That is so funny!] As Rapoport was on our list of rumored finalists for the job, we will express our approval of him in a self-satisfied manner.
  • In his column yesterday about the NYT's Wikileaks coverage, NYT Public Editor Arthur Brisbane granted anonymity to a retired Army general because the general wanted "to avoid bringing controversy to the civilian organization he now serves." This general then said that Wikileaks endangers lives. Probably not the best journalistic example-setting, by the Public Editor.
  • Jonathan Wald, the former head of editorial operations at CNBC, has been named executive producer for Piers Morgan's new "I am younger than Larry King" show on CNN. Wald has more than 1,000 Twitter followers, so if they all watch the show, it'll already be beating Larry King's numbers.
  • News Corp is lobbying to defeat a proposed California ballot initiative that would undo existing corporate tax breaks. At the same time, Fox Business Network gave the proposal extensive negative coverage without disclosing the fact that its parent company had paid lots of money to defeat it. We knew there was a reason Rupert Murdoch kept them around!

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