Human Halloween costume Carl Paladino, New York's Republican gubernatorial candidate, will lose to Andrew Cuomo by a full 100 percentage points tomorrow. So why shouldn't he just go nuts at a Buffalo bar on Halloween weekend?

While Andrew Cuomo was out campaigning, like a loser, Paladino spent Saturday night at a Buffalo bar near his home, Potter's Field, with costumed people, according to How'd that go?

Several correspondents on the scene (including the person who submitted the pictures to us) report that Carl was pretty well lubricated and enjoyed spending time with another core constituency, guys in blackface.

Let's assume/hope that "Carl was pretty well lubricated" is referring to his alcohol consumption that evening.

Are they really sure that guy's in blackface, though? It looks all smudgy. A few of WNY's commenters think it might be Jimmy "Rent is 2 Damn High" McMillan, but we're thinking more along the lines of Daryl Hannah in Bladerunner, or a glam Uruk-Hai, or their presumably terrible Uruk Hai-Daryl Hannah hybrid monster spawn. Yeah? Sure, that works: it's either Jimmy McMillan or the presumably terrible hybrid monster spawn of an Uruk Hai and Daryl Hannah from Bladerunner. (No offense to Jimmy McMillan.)

The lady in the bonnet whom Carl Paladino is choking does not — again, that's not — look comfortable.

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