Results from a new survey suggest that a majority of women (in Britain) believe that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is the most influential woman in the world. She even beat out Oprah! (What?) And Mother Teresa.

This highly important and scientific poll, conducted online by YouGov and AOL UK, asked 2,048 people aged 16 and over who they felt wielded the most influence in the world. The results are... baffling. How does Margaret Thatcher beat out Orpah Muthafuckin' Winfrey?! Well, Thatcher did invade the Falkland Islands that one time. But still, Margaret Thatcher? At least Condi Rice makes the cut, too, grabbing 9% of votes.

The Top Ten:

Margaret Thatcher (32%)

Florence Nightingale (26%)

Mother Teresa (25%)

The Queen (24%)

Oprah Winfrey (14%)

Michelle Obama/JK Rowling (13%)

Joanna Lumley (12%)

Anne Frank (11%)

Condoleezza Rice (9%)

Anita Roddick/Germaine Greer (8%)


[Image via AP]