Angelina picks a fight with rowdy teens. Capri Anderson picks a fight with Charlie Sheen. And a Nazi (at least, a guy who played one) picks a fight with Oprah. Saturday gossip will get you kicked out of the mall.

  • Recent Fields Medal winner Angelina Pivarnick, of the Jersey Shore Pivarnicks, was involved in an altercation at a Hot Topic in a Staten Island mall involving a "rowdy group" of youths. This is a Rashomon-type situation where Trash Bags claims that someone "attacked her from behind" with a bottle and the cops say someone "accidentally smacked her in the face" but TMZ's writeup contains the following sentence, which, despite describing events that occurred in Staten Island, is among the most New Jersey sentences ever written: "Security quickly arrived to the Hot Topic and ordered the kids to leave the store." [TMZ; Radar]
  • Porn star Capri Anderson is apparently planning on suing actor Charlie Sheen over his violent nudie hotel adventure that ended with Anderson locking herself in the bathroom and calling hotel cops. [TMZ]
  • Vicki Gunvalson, who stars in the Actual Housewives of Orange County television program, has been released from the hospital after suffering from "stress-related" internal bleeding. [Radar]
  • Today in Eddie Cibrian news: Cibrian ex-wife Brandi Glanville was arrested, and then expressed sorrow, for a D.U.I.; Cibrian new wife LeeAnn Rimes has caused some controversy by having the audacity to appear on the cover of Shape magazine even though she stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandon Gladvil or whatever her name was; and I still have no clue who the fuck Eddie Cibrian is. [Us; Daily Mail]
  • Remember when Tameka Cottle, wife of suicide-preventing rapper T.I., was arrested for ecstasy possession? Well, now she's been charged with ecstasy possession. [TMZ]
  • Actor Mel Gibson just donated $9.6 million to the church he built in Malibu, placing under strong suspicion his repeated claims to be broke. [Radar]
  • So, Oprah had a The Sound of Music special that reunited "the entire cast"? Which was, let's face it, a slight exaggeration, since it was really just the actors who played the singing Von Trapp family, and Julie Andrews, who played her standard "stripper with a heart of gold" character. Anyway, Daniel Truhitte—Liesl's Nazi boyfriend—is mad he was left out. Dude: You played a Nazi snitch. You were a bad guy. No one wants to see you. Let go. [TMZ]
  • Calvin Klein model Mark Wahlberg won't let his kids have candy! Is this child abuse? Probably! [Page Six]
  • Prince Von Ahalt, husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, was stung by a bee, inside his throat, and had to go to the hospital. [TMZ]
  • Kate Gosselin's greatest fear: Snakes. Also, she hates litter. [Radar]
  • Famous person Jessica Capshaw had a baby and named it "Wienerbutt." Kidding! They named it "Eve Augusta." [People]
  • Country singer Randy Travis is getting a divorce. [People]

[Image, of Angelina at Celebrity Wrestling, via Splash]