Employees at an Ohio McDonald's franchise received a nice letter along with their paychecks the other week, just reminding them that elections are coming. And, oh, that if they want to keep getting raises and benefits, they should vote Republican.

Is this how Mayor McCheese was elected? Via ThinkProgress, here's the letter the employees received from their bosses at the Canton, Ohio McDonald's. It helps to read it out loud in a "mobster voice" and pretend that there's a burly guy "accidentally" knocking stuff over. We would, eh, hate it, eh, if something should happen... to your raises:

All three of those candidates are Republicans. The letter itself is most likely illegal, based on Ohio election law that forbids employers from "calculating or influencing the political action" of their employees, and a lawyer named Allen Schuman is investigating.

[Image via Dave_B_'s Flicker]