With his approval rating "hover[ing] in the low 20s" and an election day referendum to reverse his greatest legislative victory, California's steroidal governor is set to leave on a low note. His fancy fingers, however, will continue to shine.

Let us now celebrate the fingers of Arnold. He couldn't manage California's budget, but the man can rock a signet like no other. Click any image to enlarge.

At a round table with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the Governator took a gothic approach with a skull. The heft of the ring conveyed masculinity; the deathly symbol said, "Don't you dare rear that ugly head, Putin (and/or Medvedev)." [Buzzfeed, Image via AP]

During a televised discussion with Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman—the two candidates now running for his office—Schwarzenegger wore one ring on each hand. Just as Arnold refused to endorse either candidate, his jewelry refuses to favor one side over the other. [Image via Getty]

At the 14th annual Hollywood Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, Schwarzenegger sported a mysterious ring that might pirate-themed? Or maybe a theatrical mask? Not to be outdone, Sylvester Stallone sported a pinky ring. [Image via Getty]