In your portentous Friday media column: leadership shuffles at Bon Appetit, Glenn Greenwald vs. Chuck Todd, changes at the National Magazine Awards, and Tribune Co's bankruptcy will drag on, forever.

  • Some Tribune Co. creditors don't like the current proposed plan to bring the company out of bankruptcy, so they'll be submitting alternate plans, which will make this thing even more of a headache. "The case has foundered on disagreements over how to settle claims raised by junior bondholders that a 2007 leveraged buyout led by Tribune Co. Chairman Sam Zell was a case of fraudulent conveyance, meaning it left the company insolvent from the start." Tribune Co. is still all fucked up, in other words.
  • Carol Smith only lasted six months as the publishing director of Bon Appetit before being eased out, thanks to what some insiders say was mismanagement by Conde. The new Bon App editor is supposedly being announced soon, but we've been waiting a while now.
  • CJR has a profile of Chuck Todd which includes ample portions of Glenn Greenwald calling Chuck Todd a cocksucking toady to power (we're paraphrasing). And you come to realize that sparring with Glenn Greenwald is the most interesting thing Chuck Todd will ever do, in all likelihood.
  • Are you aware of the changes being made to the National Magazine Awards? The next awards will have magazines competing with others in their same editorial beat, rather than with all magazines at large, in categories according to circulation. And they're going back to a sit-down luncheon, rather than an evening gala. Who has two thumbs and is looking forward to this free meal? This guy, and a dozen or so other navel-gazing media reporters! For the public at large, this is all of little consequence.

[Photo via AP]