A new report says that of all the various Latinos in New York, young Puerto Ricans are doing the worst of all, in social categories including graduation rates and poverty. Por que?

One could blame our nation's rampant anti-Latino discrimination, but that wouldn't answer the question: Why Puerto Ricans, in particular?

Roughly 17 percent of young Puerto Rican men were not in school, employed or looking for work, compared with 9 percent of Dominicans and 8 percent of Mexicans. Of those Latinos born in the United States, only 55 percent of Puerto Rican youth were enrolled in school, compared with 68 percent of Dominicans and 67 percent of Mexicans. Regardless of birthplace, about 33 percent of Puerto Rican families lived below the poverty line, compared with 29 percent of Dominicans and 27 percent of Mexicans.

Young Puerto Rican men are even doing worse than young black men. And you know how America likes to fuck with young black men.

I have to admit I don't know why this is. [NYT]