Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert applauds the liberal head-stomper, Jon Hamm's first SNL promos, a rumor update on Olivia Munn, Modern Family's Halloween episode, and Jon Cryer thinks he portrayed Pretty in Pink's Ducky to be a heterosexual, street-smart kid.

Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Defense of Rand Paul's Head-Stomper
On last night's Report, Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to do what basically nobody else is doing: defend the Rand Paul supporter who stomped on a liberal activist's head. Colbert's defense was sarcastic, obviously, but damn if it wasn't funny.

Jon Cryer Sets the Record "Straight" on Pretty in Pink's Ducky
When Molly Ringwald "outed" Pretty in Pink's Ducky at a reunion, Jon Cryer got to thinking about his iconic 1986 character. According to Cryer, he saw Ducky as a street-smart kid and didn't mean to portray his character as gay.

Get Excited for the Jon Hamm-Hosted Halloween Episode of Saturday Night Live
This Saturday will mark Jon Hamm's third time hosting SNL in under three years. If the fact that the cast loves the guy isn't enough to get you pumped, watch he and Kenan Thompson goof around in the promos inside!

Modern Family Embraces Halloween, Adult Spider-Man Costumes
Modern Family always seems to be worth watching, if only for its amusing deviations from hygienic family sit-com protocol. As soon as you write it off the show for the uninspired perfection of its production you find yourself chuckling.

Attack of the Show! Responds to the Olivia Munn/Justin Timberlake Rumors
For months, Olivia Munn's "indefinite hiatus" has been the "elephant in the room" at G4TV, but thanks to US Weekly, papa's got a brand new heffalump! Yesterday, Munn's erstwhile co-host Kevin Pereira did his best to quell the rumors.