Tabloid sexpot Andrea Peyser has never been accused of being honest, or a deep thinker. But her column today squeezes so much anti-gay, xenophobic rhetoric into so little logic that we feel we must comment upon her arguments.

A TV show called Glee exists. Andrea uses this as a launching point for one of her bimonthly rambles on the evils of television, with predictably salacious descriptions of the sexxxy acts that she, ahem, doesn't condone. Then she demonstrates her trademarked No Thinking column-writing style:

Movies such as "The Kids Are All Right" glamorize a family headed by two mommies. But mention studies that prove fatherless kids are more likely to get pregnant or go to jail, and you'll be the subject of a protest from GLAAD.

Were all those studies really about households with "two mommies?" Or were they, in fact, about households with one mommy, and no daddy? This is a pertinent point.

Shows such as (adult) "South Park" bash religion. But glorifying faith is for losers. Just try mentioning that Muslim garb scares you, and you will be fired.

The definition of "glorifying faith" is "mentioning that Muslim garb scares you." Look it up.

The journal Pediatrics this week released a study revealing a shocking amount of "dating violence" experienced by city teens who try homosexual activity. This came as little surprise to some shrinks.

"The kids who engaged in more sexual experimentation were also the kids who got involved in bullying and in being bullied," said Dr. Martin Evers, associate director of behavioral health at Northern Westchester Hospital.

Note the rhetorical sleight of hand between the first and second paragraphs here. A study revealed a shocking amount of dating violence among homosexual and bisexual teens: true. Of course, that study did not say that homosexuality equals violence, or causes violence; in fact, one could argue that gay-bashing columns like Andrea's contribute to an atmosphere in which violence against gays is more socially accepted. Segue into a quote about "kids who engaged in more sexual experimentation"—which says nothing about homosexuality at all. It just has the words "sexual" and "bullying" in the same sentence, and Andrea left the "homosexual" part implied.

If we were smarter we really would just ignore her.