Are you that person who can never seem to put their phone down, even during meals? Yes? Well, you're obnoxious. And a majority of Americans agree, according to a new Zagat survey. Taking pictures of your meals is annoying too.

The Zagat restaurant guide, in its 2011 edition, found that 63% of Americans think that people who text or talk on their phones during meals are annoying jackasses. The Daily News asked random diners across the city how they feel and many agreed, although texting gets more of a pass than talking. "Texting is okay. Talking on the phone is not," one woman told the paper. While taking pictures of your meal and uploading it to Facebook or Tumblr or whatever gets under the skin of a lot of people, 68% percent of those surveyed said it's not so bad, just as long as you make it quick.

It is pretty damn annoying when you're trying to talk to someone at a restaurant but all you get is the clickity clack of their Blackberry, blank stares and nods of approval when you ask them ridiculous things, like "what do you say we order the pan-seared dog testicles as an appetizer?" Show some courtesy, people!

Here's Larry David's take on that random guy on the phone in the restaurant. And to make it even worse, he's on a Bluetooth:

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