Lady Gaga's meat dress might be old news, but since Halloween is coming up, the New York Daily News resurrects it for one last stunt.

Meatpacking District steakhouse Old Homestead—itself no stranger to gimmicks—is selling its own 85-pound, $100,000 steak-frock inspired by Franc Fernandez's creation.

What makes the Daily News video work isn't the concept but the supporting players. Watch for the poor waitress who's forced to pretend she's happy modeling the thing. On how it feels to wear the dress: "Heavy. And greasy. And gross. But, you know, it is what it is. I like it."

Also amusing: The attitude of the owner, who says "Well, we saw Lady Gaga on the VMA Awards, and it was very tacky. In fact, the designer Franc Fernandez, he put no thought into it. And I want it to be just not a cheap skirt steak. I wanted it to be something a cut above." Sure, because the only thing off about with the meat dress was the quality of the steak.

Republished with permission from RackedNY. Authored by Izzy Grinspan.