Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert brags about his NYT crossword appearance, Seth Meyers talks topless models with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien will be himself for Halloween, Steven Slater fights with Matt Lauer on Today, and Marie Claire hates fat people!

Stephen Colbert Brags About His NYT Crossword Appearance
Yesterday's New York Times crossword puzzle was littered with references to Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and their upcoming rally—seven of them! On last night's Report, Colbert took the opportunity to gloat, gloat, and gloat some more. Watch inside.

Seth Meyers Talks About Family Traditions and Topless Models with David Letterman
Last night, Seth Meyers visited the Late Show and told David Letterman about a slightly questionable family tradition of his—that's going on its 30th year!—and also gave us a behind-the-scenes anecdote from a Vogue photoshoot. Video inside.

Conan O'Brien Will Wear a Mask of His Own Face For Halloween
In the seventh edition of "Conan Takes Your Questions," the host of Conan told the world what he'll be for Halloween. Let's just say he's a certain red-haired comedian with an upcoming new gig that looks strangely familiar...

Steven Slater Spars with Matt Lauer on The Today Show
Matt Lauer was on a war path with Steven Slater on this morning's Today, questioning the veracity of Slater's infamous exit like a boa constrictor strangling a small rodent. To Slater's credit, though, he did hold his own—somewhat.

Watch the TV Clip of Two People Kissing That Has Marie Claire So Grossed Out
Yesterday, the internet was abuzz over Maura Kelly's Marie Claire article called "Should Fatties Get a Room (Even on TV)?" wherein she discussed her disgust at overweight people, inspired by the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly.