Here's a trailer for the James Cameron-produced Australian thriller Sanctum, about a group of daredevil cave explorers who get stuck way under ground after a flood (or something). It looks like your typical cheesy disaster movie.

Except it takes place in a cave! Which makes it way scarier. I don't know about you, but my claustrophobia kicks in something fierce when watching anything set in those dank horror-holes. Ever see The Descent, that British movie about things that go spelunk in the night? Heebie St. Jeebie is that movie grueling to watch. Terrifying stuff. This one isn't about cave monsters, though. It's just about the fortitude of the human spirit and some cute Australian kid named Rhys from Home & Away.

And what about that title! Sanctum. Eyugh. "So, doctor, what's your diagnosis?" "Well, I'm gong to have to refer you to a proctologist, because there seems to be a problem with your sanctum."