Do you have some "Generation Y" teens or pre-teens lazing about your home? Because the terminally ill old social network down by the river, MySpace, would like to show them racy videos all day in his redesigned internet van. Exciting.

MySpace has finally rolled out a redesign to go along with the struggling social network's hep new "my[____]" logo. According to MySpace's News Corp. sibling The Wall Street Journal, the new MySpace is aimed at "the 'Gen Y' crowd, or those roughly between 10 and 30 years old."

At the heart of the redesign is a new home page featuring a "quilt" of tiled videos, music and messages (see screenshots below), and a variety of new tools that encourage people to become "curators" who share and consume media.

In other words, MySpace will not try and compete with the deep interactivity and myriad software applications on rival social network Facebook and will instead focus on media of the sort churned out by its parent company. The kids today, they like that stuff, right?