Alex Bogusky, the Burger King-shilling adman who retired from the industry this year in a fit of conscience, has launched his new venture, to save the world. Alex Bogusky, the new Ralph Nader? Hahahahaha.

Bogusky's new venture is humbly titled FEARLESS REVOLUTION, and it will quite simply launch a REVOLUTION (a fearless one) in the way consumers... consume stuff, and whatnot. Why is Alex Bogusky such an American hero?

In a manifesto announcing the new venture, Mr. Bogusky even alluded to the Nader comparison: "What does this make me? I think I'll be a consumer advocate for a while. Alex Nader or Ralph Bogusky? I'm not sure a former advertising executive is allowed to become a consumer advocate, but I plan to give it a shot. This is still America after all."

Typical self-effacing Alex Bogusky. In any case, we can be almost certain this will be a more righteous venture than his last job. Join the Revolution yourself!

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