Poor Ferris has finally snapped and taken to a life of crime. Also today: A show starring a beloved actress is canceled, another show will feature a non-beloved non-actress, and we fantasize about yet another TV show.

Eyughhh. Kara DioGuardi, American Idol's Cousin Oliver, has signed on to be a judge on a new Bravo show called Going Platinum, which melds the Idol format with the Project Runway format. Basically it's a competition for singer-songwriters, only there's no audience voting and we follow the contestants back to the contestamansion to see what happens when people stop being polite and start being judged by known auto-snake Kara DioGuardi. Look, I'm happy for anyone in this world to get work, but humming your made-up tunes while you swab the deck of a cruise ship is just as much work as judging people on a reality show, so why can't Kara DioGuardi do quiet cruise ship work instead of bothering us? (Well, most of us. Those on the cruise ship will just have to deal with it.) I don't think that's a lot to ask. [THR]

Escaped Beatrix Potter character Matthew Broderick has joined the cast of the big-name Tower Heist, a picture directed by Brett Ratner and co-written by Noah Baumbach, of all people. It concerns Ben Stiller and a band of merry (wo)men (Téa Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe, and Eddie Murphy, et al) who team up to rob the high-rise apartment of a billionaire swindler who swindled them all. It's timely! Broderick will play a Wall Street type who was swindled by Alan Alda's cruel Madoffian swindler. Swindle is just a really good word. I can't wait for the first of my new techno-mystery kids book series, Wikipedia Brown and the Great Kindle Swindle, to come out. I'm sure you can wait. [Deadline]

Parker Posey has begun production in Boston for her new improv-ish comedy Sunny Side Up. It's about a daffy yoga instructor (Posey) who leaves the city and goes with her posse (Posey posse!) to live on a chicken farm in the country. So, sigh, is New York playing the city and Boston the chicken farm? Yeah, OK, I get it. Boston's podunk. Ho hum. You know what else is po-dunk? Texas. You know what Texas just did? It KILLED NEW YORK. Baaahahaha. Cities. [Variety]

Aw nuts. Not that I watched it, but it is sad to hear that Maura Tierney's new show The Whole Truth has been canceled by ABC. Mostly because Tierney is just so durn likable and has had a rough go of it the past couple years. But she's great and everyone seems to like her, so I'm sure she'll be back in something. Someone give her one of those high-class cable shows, huh? Something with Aaron Sorkin. She's good at fast, smart dialogue. [EW]

Here's an item combining a few things from the items above. Namely Téa Leoni and shows called The [blank] Truth. HBO has picked up a pilot called The Naked Truth, a crime show from Dexter creative mastermind Clyde Phillips. Like HBO's In Treatment, Truth is based on an Israeli series. Sadly it is NOT based on Téa Leoni's mid-'90s sitcom The Naked Truth. Téa Leoni is a lot like Maura Tierney, except more people seem to dislike her. Which I think is too bad! I enjoy her quite a bit. Maybe she could be on that Aaron Sorkin show with Maura Tierney. They could be chiefs of staff for opposing congressmen or something. Tierney the dyed-in-the-wool liberal, Leoni the slick but kinda-right-sometimes conservative. Throw in Anna Kendrick as a nosy political blogger and William Mapother as Leoni's closeted gay Republican congressman, and I think you've got a show! [Deadline]

Hey shut-in white wine addicts fans of Brothers and Sisters! Here's some news for you. I don't know if it's good or bad, but here it is anyway. Balthazar Getty is returning to the show. I assume he plays the photograph-taking, gas station-owning proprietor of a Soho boulangerie regularly frequented by new media moguls, yes? [E!]