A 10-year-old Chinese boy on Monday fell from the window of his family's 20th floor apartment and miraculously survived by crashing through the rear windshield of a car. China's Xinhua News reports a pillow in the backseat cushioned his head.

The boy, who the news agency calls "Xiao Xiao," fell from the apartment window onto the roof and rear windshield of a Citroën car in the city of Guiyang. He suffered a sub-arachnoid hemmorhage, but is doing well and is recovering in a hospital. Police don't suspect suicide.

Xiao's fall is reminiscent of this guy, who attempted suicide by jumping from the 39th floor of an Upper West Side apartment building and was saved when he fell onto a red Dodge Charger. The owner of the Dodge was pretty damn cold about the incident. The owner of the Citroën was far more sympathetic towards Xiao, saying, "It's great news the boy survived. The car can be fixed easily."