Asked how her daughter went from cherubic medical anomaly to cold-blooded killer, the mother of 'Hiccup Girl' Jennifer Mee mused, "Where things went wrong I do not know." But she believes the "curse of the hiccups" is where it began.

Back in 2007, Jennifer Mee was afflicted with a mysterious case of the hiccups that lasted five weeks. Before she discussed it on the Today Show, Jennifer and mother Rachel Robidoux, went on a local radio show. Today, when authorities announced Jennifer had been charged with first-degree murder, Robidoux returned to the MJ Morning Show to defend her "sweet" daughter. When the radio host asked if Jennifer "what went wrong," Robidoux launched into a discussion of the cursed hiccups:

I always said, her case of the hiccups wasnt a case of the hiccups, it was a curse of the hiccups. […] All of a sudden, people knew her name, and she would talk to them on different chat sites. They'd act like they knew her when they really didn't. She's very naive. She was getting herself into stuff where she didn't really realize what she was doing.

Not guilty by reason of hiccups? Robidoux hasn't figured out whether she'll be using a public defense attorney, or hiring one on her own, yet, but says she'll do everything she can to save her daughter. [MJ Morning Show, image of Mee and Robidoux in 2007 via MJ Morning Show]


'Hiccup Girl' Jennifer Mee Charged with Murder