In the criminal pecking order, "Facebook games burglar" probably comes close to last. But that isn't stopping the Italian authorities from investigating the burglary of a virtual home belonging to a 44-year-old Facebook user living in Sicily.

Paola Letizia, of Palermo, found that a hacker stripped her pretend home in thepopular Facebook game "Pet Society." Gone were $140 worth of furnishings, clothes and gifts, leaving only her digital pet "Blue Cat." Presumably Letizia's password system was no more creative than her pet naming scheme, because a hacker managed to access her email and the rest of her Facebook account before making off with her Pet Society goodies. The Italians have handed the case off to the National Post Office, a frail outfit that any self-respecting criminal would laugh off. But then, we're not talking about a self-respecting criminal. We're talking about a Facebook burglar.