Sarah Palin was in Phoenix for a Tea Party rally on Friday, where she had the wonderful opportunity to meet Maricopa County's legally questionable, self-promoting celebrity sheriff, Joe Arpaio. And apparently he gave her pink underwear.

Arpaio, who's currently being sued by the federal government for not cooperating with one of the various civil rights investigations into his sheriff practices (racial profiling, tent cities, etc.), typed this braggart's message on Twitter after their meeting:

The Twitpic link, sadly, just leads to the top picture of him within several feet of the Alaskan snowbilly. (And the pink underwear we added is not the pair he gave her.) But he probably did do it. One of Sheriff Joe's hilarious means of degrading his prisoners is to make them wear all pink, including pink underwear, because then they look gay or something.

[via The Hill]