Massachusetts congressional candidate Sean Bielat, after running an ad showing his openly gay opponent, Rep. Barney Frank, doing gay dance moves, has now shared his opinion on gays serving in the military: Short people can't serve, so why should gays?

Here's how the ingenious Bielat explained things this weekend in a Boston Herald interview:

"There's no absolute right to serve. Men under the height of 5 feet, 2 inches can't serve - I don't see anybody protesting. Where are the people standing in front of the White House, the short guys standing in front of the White House? You don't see it," Bielat said. "We understand that there's no absolute right to serve in all these other areas."

Yeah, where are all the lil' fellas handcuffing themselves to the White House gates in protest? They know they're too damn short to go about warring; why can't gay people realize they're too damn attracted to members of the same sex? Hard to argue with Bielat's logic, as presented.

Except that one group isn't physically able to serve, while the other is. It's not like "gay" means, say, you have zero arms and charcoal for eyes. You just like banging people of the same sex, in your free time.

Or, as even the conservative Boston Herald put it:

Hmm. ... On the other hand, vertically challenged people are not forced to pretend they're tall, then drummed out once it's discovered they're short in spite of their service record.

[via commenter prufrock1019]