The search for Chhewang Nima, a Nepalese sherpa famous for climbing Mt. Everest 19 times, was called off today on Mt. Baruntse in the Himalayas. Nima was caught in an avalanche on Saturday and hasn't been seen since.

According to the BBC, he was fixing ropes while leading an expedition up Mt. Baruntse when the avalanche knocked him down the slope. Nima's employer, Jiban Ghimire, said the search was finally called off because "the conditions were still very bad and the helicopter had to return. We don't think the conditions will improve for at least a week. His family believe he is dead." The 43-year-old Nima was just one summit shy of tying the world record for the most successful climbs of Mt. Everest.

[Image of Nima via AP; Everest via Getty]