Librarian Graham Barker has 22.1 grams of belly button lint in jars at his home. (It's all his own; don't worry.) Does this make him one of the grossest people alive, or does it make him a world record holder?

Well, actually, it makes him both! Barker removes his navel lint while waiting for the shower, and has been collecting since he was 19. He's about 3 jars worth of it at home, weighing around three-quarters of an ounce in total, all helpfully labelled by date. (Looks like Barker was using a lot of red towels in the 90s.)

Would you like to see a piece in 3D? Use your "Magic Eye" skills (you know, cross your eyes) on this photo:

He's actually held the Guinness World Record since 2000, possibly because there's just not a lot of competition in this kind of field (though Barker says he "ran a navel lint survey many years ago" and "a handful of respondents, who were all men, confessed to having saved up some of their lint at some point"), but The Daily Mail decided to profile him anyway, and tells us, reassuringly, that it "it never goes mouldy and does not smell." And, really, it's just belly button lint, and we admire people who have found their blisses. But, still, doesn't it make you feel a little icky?

[Daily Mail via NYDN; pics via Graham Barker]