Some staffers at the DC bureau of ABC News aren't happy with the August hiring of "distant outsider" Christiane Amanpour to take over the Sunday talk show, "This Week." They really just wanted a boring DC insider. Boo hoo.

The dirt, from Page Six:

Amanpour flies into Washington on Friday and anchors the show on Sunday," an insider griped. "She reads about Washington from her Central Park apartment. It's not like other war zones that you can parachute into. She is very cold and distant with the other bureau staff."

Aww. All the DC bureau wanted was a nice, accommodating, backslappy insider, and instead they got Christiane Amanpour. It really sucks when a network decides to hire a journalist who's worth their salt! They should just be happy that they didn't get George Will. And the gripey ABCers are right about not being able to parachute into DC, too. You really need to put your time in at cocktail parties and cookouts with other boring, khaki-clad insiders to cultivate sources there.

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