In addition to facilitating the largest military leak in U.S. history yesterday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a petulant man-child. Watch him walk out of a CNN interview when talk turned to his pending Swedish rape case.

(Things start to go sour around 2:35)

When the interviewer presses Assange about the rape and sexual molestation charges against him, Assange cooks up some of those Mission:Impossible rhetorical flourishes he's known for:

It's completely disgusting, Atika. I'm going to walk if you're going to contaminate us revealing the deaths of 104,000 people with attacks against my person.

Sorry, Julian, but you were the one who spun your botched tryst with a couple Swedish groupies into a devious Pentagon "smear campaign." Until they produce their spy IDs or the case is closed, you're going to have to live with questions about it.

At least the diva thing isn't an act. a New York Time profile of Assange published today reveals that he's just as snippy to his Wikileaks colleagues in private:

In an encrypted online chat, a transcript of which was passed to The Times, Mr. Assange was dismissive of his colleagues. He described them as "a confederacy of fools," and asked his interlocutor, "Am I dealing with a complete retard?"

(No wonder all his volunteers are quitting.)

OK, we'll quit contaminating the important work of Wikileaks by talking about what a prick Julian Assange is.